Recent Publications

2016         “The Dance of Voices: Strategizing Joseph Harris’s Rhetorical ‘Moves’ in First Year College Students’ Academic Writing at AUB” (with Juheina Fakhreddine), in Emerging Writing Research from the Middle East-North Africa Region. Eds. Arnold, Lisa, Anne Nebel, and Lynne Ronesi (WAC Clearinghouse/University Press of Colorado, 2016): 241-264.

2015a        Shifting Narratives: A Reader for Academic Writing, Eds. Zane Sinno, Jennifer Nish, Lina Bioghlu, Dorota Fleszar, Najla Jarkas, Emma Moughabghab, Rima Rantisi and Abir Ward. (Beirut: Educart, 2015).

2015b        “Toward an Assessment of the Heterogenous Digitally-Inflected Undergraduate English Course” (with David Joseph Wrisley) Paper accepted for mini-conference: Innovations in Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Local, National, and International Training. International Digital Humanities Training Network, (Sydney: Australia, 29 June 2015)

2015c        “Cook and Grow Through Reflective Writing: A Study on First Year Academic Writing Students at AUB” (with Juheina Fakhreddine) in New Research into Language Teaching, Learning, and Assessment. Ed. Engin Arik (Ankara: Macroworld, 2015): 1-12.

2012         After Words: A Reader for Academic Writing, Eds. Rima Rantisi, Lisa Arnold, Nate George, Rima Hanne, Najla Jarkas, Jasmina Najjar and Zane Sinno. (Beirut: Educart, 2012).

 Work in Progress:

“‘He Who Misled Them All – The Butler, Toomes’: A Digital Humanities Approach, Using Voyant Tools, to the themes of Punishment and Entrapment in the Fantastic World of Walter de la Mare”

“The Opportunities of the One-on-One: The Writing Center as a Contact Zone” Scheduled as the first Work-in-Progress presentation in fall 17-18, at the Writing Center, AUB.

“Digitally-Enhanced Collaborative Writing and the Question of the Author” (with Juheina Fakhreddine) presented at the Seventh International Conference on Effective Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, February 10-11, 2017, at AUB.